company profile & vision

Toyo City was founded in 1999 by Fahad Cassim to cater for a variety of used car spares for older vehicles; a scrap yard for want of a better description.

However, it was apparent from the types of enquiries received in the beginning, that there was a gap in the used spares industry for Toyota parts.

Fahad decided to pool all his available resources in to transforming the yard into Toyo City; now arguably the biggest TOYOTA used spares outlet in South Africa, boasting a consistent stock of all range of Toyota spares.

Toyo City was originally located on the west side of Flower Road but in the last 5 years, Toyo City has expanded its premises across both sides of Flower Road with the new premises housing the Customer Services and Spare Parts Storage division; with the Mechanics Workshop and vehicle construction/deconstruction unit on the original site.

There is also a car shell storage unit where deconstructed vehicles are sent for the final chop up before recycling. Toyo City is an avid supporter of Toyota principals and strives to do what it can for a better environment. All attempts are made at recycling as much of the materials that come through our premises as possible.


Our Vision is to be a one stop shop for all our customers Toyota new and used parts including fitting as required and to be a well known, reliable and reputable supplier of Toyota used vehicles.


Toyo City mission is to provide easy availability of all Toyota spare parts at affordable prices to ensure that the customer is satisfied and back on the road!


Toyo City objective is to provide a holistic Toyota support experience by stocking all spare parts for all makes and models of Toyota vehicles. All parts are managed through the storage facility ensuring parts are quickly accessible at prices to suit the customers budget.